PSK doors may move according to one of two schemes. In the first one, the system consists of two leafs, including one sliding leaf.

The other system includes a moving post and leafs that open in opposite directions.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are made of separate glass and uPVC panels with hinges in between each panel as well as at the door frame. This means that they can fold to one side in concertina-like fashion to completely open up one wall more effectively than any other type of patio door.

Sliding doors still need to leave one panel’s width closed and french doors struggle to be wider than two panels, so if you want to have a wide, completely unobstructed entryway between your home and garden, only a bi-fold door will do.

Fully insulated

All our bi-fold doors come double glazed as standard, and can be fitted with triple glazing to make them even more energy efficient. In addition, our patented bubble gaskets form a continuous seal around the frame of the door to prevent draughts and heat loss.

Slim sightline and energy-efficient five-chamber fully sculptured framing system.
Capable of spanning openings of up to 8 metres.
Configurable to open inside or out.
Integrated hardware options featuring the latest innovations in multi-point locking security systems.
Extensive choice of flat colour, painted woodgrain, and traditional woodgrain effect low maintenance finishes.