HST Smart Sliding Patio Doors

A lift and slide door system that allows production of large glazing while maintaining good thermal parameters. A characteristic feature of the system is possibility of being equipped with a low threshold that allows use of “barrier-free construction” solutions, used in hospitals or other public facilities.

Smart Sliding

Perfect exit to terrace or balcony sliding doors or HST doors are products gaining large popularity in the EU, dedicated to the most demanding clients – houseowners. A well-chosen door can give you room a smart, modern look and character. They let more light into the rooms and make them look larger.

The innovative closing mechanism allows for simple and intuitive operation, similar to the solutions used in lift and slide doors, type HST. Specialized window fittings ensure that the sash, after unlocking it, slides freely and without the slightest resistance on the trolleys in relation to the non-opening part of the structure. The locking mechanism allows the sash to be gently closed in the frame, and thus easy to operate the sliding door.