ENERGY-EFFICIENT WINDOWS MADE IN POLAND – directly from the Manufacturer.
The company Royal Doors offers CERTIFIED WINDOWS which fulfill the highest verifiable standards. As a POLISH MANUFACTURER of energy-efficient windows and doors, we offer comprehensive service.

uPVC  Windows

A wide range of systems, warm profiles, endless design possibilities, and a wealth of accessories. uPVC windows are perfect for both single-family houses and multi-family housing.

Aluminium windows

The best window and door system solutions using aluminum. Strength, simplicity, functionality and safety are some of the many advantages of aluminum joinery.

Wooden Windows

Solid profiles made of three or four layers of wood, and four varnish coatings are a guarantee of long-term use.

Polish windows are known for their modern technological solutions and high quality. We contribute to raising awareness of that among our customers in the UK, Ireland, and Scotland.

Excellent quality products – computer-aided manufacturing, painting robots, and high-quality service are distinguishing features of our company.

Our offer includes wooden, aluminium and uPVC windows. These are three completely different materials from three different price groups which have one thing in common – quality and the most optimal use of advantages of selected materials.

Window joinery is a very important part of any building. It affects its thermal properties, comfort and aestethics. Regardless of the material, a good window needs to have excellent static, thermal and sound insulation parameters.

We offer customized windows. Check out our offer – there are several possible options in each window group which differ in:

    • profile size
    • type of glazing
    • fittings and their functions
    • aesthethics – a wide range of profile finishes. silicone, gaskets, glazing beads and colours

Don’t hesitate and order customized windows from Poland. Depending on the material you choose, we will deliver the finished product to your site within only 4 – 6 weeks from approval of all the technical matters and signing the contract.

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