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However, customers are asking for doors to be clad with different types of timber, metal or façade sheets. The reason is to get an exceptional house facade design, to match listed building requirements, or just ‘I want so’. We face two main problems with the cladding materials supplied or specified by the customers.

Most importantly we have to combine cladding material with the garage door panels. We fix together two different materials with different reactions to temperature and humidity. If combined into one solid structure they can cause unpredictable behaviour. Furthermore, we have to get perfect matching of the cladding layout on the garage door with the cladding layout on the façade. There are lots of factory-made types of cladding materials. Usually, they manufacture sheets using composite materials, cement, metal, etc. Timber planks as cladding material are very popular as well. Favourites are cedar and larch, but lately, pine and ash thermo-wood are gaining popularity.

Clad Garage Doors

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