Royal Doors – Full View Garage Doors

Full vision panels can be provided in an anodized aluminium frame, with matching colours or in RAL golden oak effect to match existing windows and doors.

​Styles & Finishes

Making the garage part of your home

There’s an array of possible combinations of finishes making it easy to adapt the sectional garage door to suit your home.

Glazed Garage Door Panels

Full vision panels.

Glazed Garage Doors

Full View Sectional Garage Doors panels made of aluminium profile perfectly suit modern requirements for residential and industrial construction. Different fillings, the possibility to paint in any RAL colour including metallic, width up to 7 metres, lot of options. The door can be made completely of glazed panels or in combination with other design panels.

There are two types of Aluminium profiles: standard and ‘thermo’. Thermo profiles have ‘thermal brakes’ and are used where energy saving requirements are high. U-value – 3.2 W/(m²*K) for standard panels and 2.6 W/(m²*K) for ‘thermo’ panels.

  • Panels made of aluminium profiles
Full View (FV) panel with double acrylic glazing. Available hardened scratch-proof acrylic glass. Also, glazing can be clear, opaque, obscure, tinted.

  • Ventilated panels (TLT).
Used in underground parking and other places where air flow must be ensured even with closed doors. ALU profile and filling perforated steel can be painted in any RAL colour.
Grille air permeability:
  5X5/3   – 39%
10X10/2 – 69%

FV panels glazed with tempered triplex glass.

Safety glass (triplex) single/double glazing.

  • ALU panels with sandwich filling – smooth.