New product

The greenEvolution is a new solution in the field of energy.

Our standard design with maximum technical features, decades of functionality and high energy efficiency. It impresses with 5 or 6 chambers in the sash and frame. Thanks to the timeless look and surfaces in Greta® window or real material, there are no limits to the design - both inside and out to match the building. Also available as flex A with Class A wall thicknesses.




Chamber structure


Gaskets system

47 dB

Sound reduction

Window Profile

Window Specification

• 5- or 6-chamber profile

• Stop and center seal

• Installation depth: 76 mm

• Uw = 0.74 W/(m²K)

• Glazing with units up to 48 mm

• Sound insulation: sound reduction of up to 47 dB

• Burglar resistance: up to RC 3

• Compatible with evoCore

* Uw of the window is given for a reference window with dimensions of 1230 x 1480mm.


The greenEvolution system is a new solution in the field of energy-efficient PVC window joinery, adapted to the requirements of passive construction. Its use makes it possible to significantly reduce heat loss and thus lower heating bills and reduce the carbon footprint. The enhanced parameters were achieved through the use of the MD centre gasket, improving the tightness of the window.

The classic shape of the profiles, combined with a wide range of available veneers, guarantees the ease of adapting greenEvolution windows to the vision of each investor.


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