GEALAN S 8000 Monoblock Guarantees top energy efficiency.

Guarantees top energy efficiency. The solution combines modern technologies, functionality, and a great design, all in top-quality windows. Intensely snow-white and glossy profiles are characteristic features of the system.




Chamber structure


Gaskets system

129 mm

Construction depth from

Solar Control Glass
Window Profile

Window Specification
  • profile with a construction depth of 74 mm
  • five anti-burglar latches per sash as standard
  • maximum window height: 2375 mm
  • maximal glazing area (one sash): up to 2,45 m²
  • glazing with units up to 50 mm (glazing with STV technology)
  • glazing with units up to 48 mm (traditional glazing)
  • * Uw of the window is given for a reference window with dimensions of 1230 x 1480mm.


Monoblock windows made based on the GEALAN S8000 system are intended for homes where the insulation layer is installed from the inside of the room. In this layer, frames are mounted, whose characteristic „window sill” is from the outside of the room.


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