ALUPLAST Ideal 8000 designed for passive houses represents excellent thermal and acoustic parameters. 

Low heat transfer coefficient has been achieved through the use of an 85 mm, six-chamber profile supported by a thermally insulated glazed unit. High-quality triple sealing protects against heat loss and noise.




Chamber structure


Gaskets system

85 mm

Construction depth

Solar Control Glass
Window Profile

Aluminium shells

Window Specification
  • profile with a construction depth of 85 mm
  • glazing with units up to 52 mm (standard unit 48 mm)
  • five anti-burglar latches per sash
  • closed section steel in a frame
  • available cores colours: brown, anthracite, white
  • * Uw of the window is given for a reference window with dimensions of 1230 x 1480mm.


The addition of an internal, high-resistance EPDM rubber seal creates a dry chamber – space between the frame and sash that occurs when the window is closed within which hardware operates. A dry chamber increases the durability of hardware offering protection against outside moisture. Solid steel reinforcements mounted in sufficiently large chambers guarantee optimum statics of windows including large-size constructions.


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