ALUPLAST Energeto 8000 system, steel is replaced with a polymer, and the glass is glued to the wing.

The warmest window in the most modern version. As standard, windows based on the Energeto 8000 system are made in the V-Perfect technology.




Chamber structure


Gaskets system

85 mm

Construction depth

Solar Control Glass
Window Profile

Window Specification
  • profile with a construction depth of 85 mm
  • glazing with units up to 52 mm (standard unit 48 mm)
  • five anti-burglar latches per sash
  • assembly height of 119 mm (frame/sash)
  • reinforced insert Ultradur High Speed (polymer)
  • available cores colours: brown, anthracite, white
  • * Uw of the window is given for a reference window with dimensions of 1230 x 1480mm.


Sash and frame with modern adhesion technology
When fixing the glass panes the sash and the glass are glued together using a single component polyurethane adhesive. This extremely strong connection makes the overall window construction more rigid so that the sash no longer requires steel reinforcement.

This technology has been used successfully in the automotive industry for many years and has been used in the manufacture of windows since 2005. Customers benefit from extremely good stability and increases in thermal insulation, soundproofing and burglar protection.


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