Standard uPVC Back Door

Standard uPVC Doors

The Model Collection Was Designed For uPVC Back Door based on The Experience Acquired in the Joinery Market. Through A Well-Thought-Out Combination Of Posts And Girders Created For uPVC Systems, A Modern Collection Of Products Was Achieved, Which Pairs Panels And Glazing In Various Configurations. The Panel Consisting Of HPL Boards And XPS Foam Can Have A Width Of 24, 36 Or 48 Mm. On The Other Hand, Panels, Apart From The Default Glazing Package, Can Be Selected According To Individual Needs, Both In Terms Of Thickness And The Type Of Glass Used.

Door Glazing.

By default, door glazings are made of opaque glass. In 24 mm thick panels, we use safety glass on the outside. In 36 and 48-mm thick panels, glazing is made of safety glass on both sides.


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