EcoGreen Doors


Product characteristics:

Panel thickness: 24–48 mm.

Solid or glazed door panels.

Hydro Exterior HDF board + XPS insulation.

One-sided (E-K), two-sided (E-M) embossed, milled or 3D relief.

Safety glass 33.1 in glazing.

Glazing with a glazing bead (ON type), without glazing bead (type O).

The maximum dimension of a single panel is 1100 x 2800 mm.

The minimum dimension of a single panel is size 200 x 1500 mm.

Up = 0.66 W/m2K (for 44–48 mm thick panels).

Door Glazing.

By default, door glazings are made of opaque glass. In 24 mm thick panels, we use safety glass on the outside. In 36 and 48-mm thick panels, glazing is made of safety glass on both sides.


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