ClassicLine Front Doors

ClassicLine Front Doors

ClassicLine is a collection of embossed uPVC panels that will captivate you with their unusual shapes and colours. ClassicLine means the comfort of use, combined with functionality and unique aesthetics. The filling is produced based on uPVC foil, a special board resistant to external factors, glue and a polyurethane board. You can order ClassicLine embossed panels in colours from the Aluplast or Salamander palette. At your request, the panel can be veneered on one or both sides, or the colour configuration can be adjusted to your preferences.


Panels with a thickness of 36 and 48 mm

Door Panel

Panel veneered with uPVC window foil.


Filling 36, 48 mm.

Panel veneered with uPVC window foil.

ClassicLine Doors


uPVC Front Doors


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