Thermal transmittance
U value – 0.65 W/m2K

Safety resistance class EN 12519
RC 3*

Wind resistance class EN 12207:199-11

Rain resistance class EN 12208:199-11

Sound reduction EN 717-1:2013
-32 Db

A high-quality durable magnetic ‘pop-up’ threshold is supplied with all RD80 & RD100 doors. Opening into the building and out are available. All windows and sidelights are triple-glazed with safety glass. Many decorative glass options are available including bespoke / custom engraving. Individual design elements can be added to complete your bespoke/custom doors. All doors are made to order up to 1250mm wide & 2250mm high. For larger sizes consult the manufacturer for feasibility.

The ‘pop-up’ magnetic strip is a high quality durable and
maintenance-free threshold system that significantly improves insulation and draughts. Two further rubbers ensure the best posable performance. As the door closes a magnetic strip rises to create a perfect seal between the threshold and door. As the door opens the strip gently drops back into its groove reducing the step.