Thermal transmittance RD80
U value – 0.69 W/m2K

Safety resistance class EN 12519
RC 3*

Wind resistance class EN 12207:199-11

Rain resistance class EN 12208:199-11

Sound reduction EN 717-1:2013
-32 Db

The door frame is constructed from aluminium profiles including a thermal break to reduce thermal transference from the outer to the inner skin. The door leaf’s inner and outer skins are created from a single sheet of 2.5 mm thick aluminium sheets (some designs may differ). The door’s inner core, assembly profiles, and frames are filled with strong environmentally friendly freon-free PU foam. Triple all round perimeter rubber weather sealing completes a combination that gives Ryterna entrance doors the following performance values:

This type of door is the best price-quality choice.

The high-quality doors is made of aluminium profiles with 20 mm thick thermal break.
The leaf is 80 mm thick with aluminium sheet skin.
Leaf can be with a 41 mm thick infill panel or safety glass.
U-value up to 0.69W/m2K.
The triple safety glazing for flush doors.