Ryterna Entrance Doors- RD67
0.94 W/m2K*

Safety resistance class EN 12519
RC 2

Wind resistance class EN 12207:199-11

Rain resistance class EN 12208:199-11

Sound reduction EN 717-1:2013
34,7 Db

RD67 frame is made of composite aluminium profiles with 24 mm thick thermal break. The leaf is 67 mm thick with double steel skin filled with freon-free PU foam.
All windows and sidelights are triple-glazed with safety glass. You can choose clear, obscure, opaque or tinted glazing options. Etched effect custom glazing is available on request.

Door Sealing

Triple rubber sealing contour provides perfect insulation. D-shape silicone rubber is not ageing or shrinking therefore door insulation does not change during a lifetime.