Despiro Doors

  • doors based on the MB-86 system,
  • the width – 77 mm – a flush frame and a panel sticked on a sash,
  • the structure maximum dimensions – 1,4 x 2,6 m,
  • 4 variants of insulating aluminum profiles: ST, SI, SI+ and AERO,
  • a perfectly flat surface of the aluminium part,
  • 2 types of bottom sealing,
  • in our standard versions: glazing made with the use of a 2-chamber glazed unit,
  • perfect thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • external elements covered with a layer of coatings with epoxy resins,
  • doors available in versions with or without a threshold,
  • optional sidelights,
  • a sash profile adjusted to be combined with fillings flush with a frame surface,
  • in our standard versions: Siegenia Axxent concealed fittings.


Our elegant collection of Despiro doors is an attractive offer for the most
demanding customers that value modernity in both technological
and aesthetic aspects. The combination of beauty and durability
in a single joinery product that cannot be missed.

Aesthetics and design
Our doors are distinguished by the door leaves that are hidden behind
decorative panels. This technology lets us achieve the effect of unified
surface due to the use of special profiles covered with aluminium panels.
The doors have been designed in order to achieve the same effect on
both sides – outside and in the inside. Concealed hinges provide an effect
of cohesion and visual harmony and enhance the aesthetic features
of the doors.

Tightness and insulation
Due to the fact that the system MB-86 is the supporting structure,
we are able to offer light, rigid, and durable aluminium profiles available
in the four structure versions (ST, SI, SI+, and AERO) and in the three types
of bottom sealing. The doors are distinguished by the very high water
and air tightness as well as excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
This has a real impact on both the comfort inside the building and the costs
of their using.