AluLine Doors

The collection of AluLine panels does not only have a modern design, a wide range of accessories and abundance of available colours, but also extraordinary resistance to weather conditions.

The outer layer of the panel is made of aluminium sheet metal

The interior is filled with XPS extruded polystyrene, which provides the panels with high thermal insulation parameters. We offer panels

with the thickness of 24, 36 and 48 mm according to individual needs.

AluLine collection panels are available in several dozen designs.

We also offer the possibility of producing a door of your own design, suggesting the best design solutions.

Door panels can be finished in any way you like. Their surface can be decorated with stainless steel applications or take on a spatial, grooved structure. We also offer decorations flush with the panel surface.

Such a wide selection makes it possible to choose doors which can perfectly fit in both innovative designs and buildings with a classic look.

AluLine Doors

The collection of AluLine panels is a combination of popular patterns with durability, which is characteristic of aluminum. AluLine is a range of unlimited possibilities.