MB-59 HS

One of the most modern solutions in the field of doors and window joinery. Tilt and slide doors based on the MB-59 HS system can successfully replace traditional balcony windows. The system creates enormous design possibilities and gives an unusual appearance - both to the interior and the entire facade.

Uw = 1.5 W/(m²K)* when using the 4one / 14 Ar / 4/14 Ar / 4one package – Ug = 0.6 W/(m²K), argon-filled, with an aluminum frame.

* Coefficient calculated for a door with dimensions 4000 x 2200 mm.


Sash with the construction depth of 59 mm.


Maximum sash weight - 300 kg.


Sash weight up to 80 kg.


We lacquer in the full RAL K7 colour palette and, on request, in other colours (use powder code).


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