Solar Control Glass

Panes that reduce the flow of light and solar energy into the room. Solar control panes are offered with selective, absorbing or reflective glass.

Absorbent glass available: Parsol or Planibel

Selective glass available: Planistar SUN, Cool-Lite SKN

Reflective glass available: Mirastar, Stopsol, Cool-Lite ST, Cool-Lite STB

The possibility of limiting the amount of heat entering the interior

The possibility of limiting the amount of light entering the interior


Solar Control Glass

Royal Doors

Selective glass on the outside is covered with a special coating that limits the inflow of solar energy to the interior of the building while maintaining a relatively high level of light transmission. Solar glass can lower the costs associated with the use of air conditioners in the summer. This glass can only be used in glazing units, it is not available in single panes.

Absorbing glass tinted in brown, grey, green or blue throughout. Glass absorbs the sun’s rays, reducing light transmittance and the amount of solar energy inside the building. A sun protection glass can reduce the costs associated with the use of air conditioners in the summer while limiting the use of sunshades. This glass can be used as single or double glazing.

Colorless or body-tinted reflective glass, brown, grey, green or blue. The glass is coated with metal oxide, thanks to which the light radiation is reflected from the glass, which creates (comparatively) a mirror effect. It also allows for the simultaneous reduction of solar energy penetration. This glass can be – depending on the type of coating – used as single or double glazing.


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