Digi Glass

Digi Glass is a solution that allows you to expand the functionality of the glass by immediately changing its transparency. From full transparency to a perfect curtain in less than 1 second.

Up to 5 independent panels can comprise a Digi Glass. In a heartbeat, each section can turn opaque from being fully transparent. The return change is just as instant. The panels are controlled using a convenient remote control or mobile app. One push of a button is all it takes.

Opti White Pilkington 4mm panes

0.8 EVA foil

PLDC 0.36 foil

The power needed to power 1 m2 of glass is only 1 W

The glass is powered with a low voltage of 48 V

DIGI GLASS / As many as 5 panels under Your control!
Transparency control
Ecology and economy
Thermal and acoustic insulation
Modern system
Mobile application for the phone
100% made in Poland

Digi Glass smart window panes – Privacy at Your fingertips

In office spaces, intelligent windows create additional projection spaces and guarantee the confidentiality of meetings in rooms behind glass partitions.

Smart windows work well in homes. In a moment, they can ensure privacy in the bathing room whenever needed. They also help regulate the amount of light entering.

The solution is energy-efficient and fully safe: 1 m2 of Digi Glass requires only 1 W of energy and is powered by a low voltage of 48 V.

Use smart glass in your spaces and invent new and exciting applications for Digi Glass panes.


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