Decorative Glass

Decorative glass is an excellent choice for windows, doors and partition walls. Depending on the selected type or pattern, it can not only increase privacy but also brighten the interior, making it optically more spacious, which is another advantage.

Sandblasted glass available from the thickness of 6mm.

Coloured glass ESG available in a wide range of RAL.

Coloured glass VSG, depending on the colour, can be used inside or outside.

Ornamental glass available in white, brown and matt, 4mm thick (except for Niagara 5mm thick glass).

Matt Glass is available in 3 versions. Achieving the effect of a matte glass is possible with the use of matte PVB mat foil (in VSG panes), thanks to the technology of etching one of the surfaces with acid (Satinovo) and sandblasting. Each of the available versions has a different shade and use.

By using the sandblasting technology, on translucent or coloured glass, it is also possible to make a pattern created by the customer or to choose one of the ready-made AluVitre panels range.

VSG-coloured glass – provides architects and designers with complete freedom of creation. We offer transparent, translucent or non-transparent colour options of various intensities. In addition to the acclaimed colour technology, all layers provide the traditional benefits of laminated glass. All colour intermediates are made of heat and light-resistant pigments to resist fading.

Coloured ESG glass – is an opaque glass, the colour of which is obtained by applying a layer of enamel to one of the sides of the glass pane.

Toughened glass marked as emalit/seralit is available in a wide range of RAL colours. There is a possibility of joining glass, laminating, cutting holes and shapes. It is also possible to make patterns by screen printing covered with mineral enamel.

A ready-made standard range of patterns is available, however, on a special request, it is also possible to make individual patterns developed for a specific project.

Enameled glass does not create a perfect coating. This means that with suitable light and without a full barrier directly behind the glass, streaks and translucent spots may be visible.

Ornamental glass – translucent, colourless or tinted glass. It provides a wide range of design possibilities and allows you to fully personalize your space. Depending on the design, the transparency of the glass is higher or lower, which provides better privacy control while brightening the space. This feature is determined by the translucency control coefficient.


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