Decorative Glass

Sandblasted glass available from a thickness of 6mm.

Coloured glass ESG available in a wide range of RAL

Fire Protection Glass

High mechanical resistance through the use of toughened glass.

Pendulum impact resistance (according to EN 12

Safety Glass

Available thicknesses of ESG glass: 4, 6, 8, 10 mm

The available thickness of the VSG glass pane: 6.38 mm (33.1) - 28 mm (in various configurations)

Soundproof Glass

Laminate made of float / thermofloat glass and acoustic foils.

Acoustic insulation of sound-absorbing insulating glass units up to the value of Rw = 51 dB

Solar Control Glass

The possibility of limiting the amount of heat entering the interior.

The possibility of limiting the amount of light entering the interior.

Digi Glass

Opti White Pilkington 4mm panes

0.8 EVA foil