Single Glazing

A wide range of glass types available.

Glass thicknesses from 4 millimetres available.

Double Glazing Unit

Two glass panes connected by a spacer.

It is possible to obtain a heat transfer coefficient up to Ug = 1,0 W/m²K

Triple Glazing Unit

Three glass panes connected by spacers.

it is possible to obtain a heat transfer coefficient up to Ug = 0,4 W/m²K

Quadruple Glazing Unit

Four glass panes connected with spacers.

It is possible to obtain a heat transfer coefficient as low as Ug = 0.3 W/m²K

Outstanding heat loss reduction.

Using three-chambered glazing units, i.e. packages with four panes, can reduce energy loss through the glass to as little as 0.3 W/m2K. This means more than a three-fold decrease in energy loss compared to the most commonly used single-chamber units. Single glass panes lose even more heat. The conclusion for those who care about the environment and heating bills is obvious.

Reduce the risk of window condensation by choosing glazing units.

Reduces the risk of condensation on windows. All you need to do is use glazing units from Royal Doors that utilize warm frames. Thanks to them, you can significantly reduce heat loss and forget about the inconvenience that is a nightmare for many owners of patio doors and windows that use traditional solutions. Warm frames have become a standard in Royal Doors windows, and where it is not yet present implemented, it is available as an optional solution.

Bet on glazing units filled with noble gasses.

Air is an adequate thermal insulator that allowed the creation of warm window solutions. In insulated glass units, it appears in the air chambers separating the glass panes, providing them with high utility parameters. The use of argon and krypton guarantees even better results. By choosing argon-filled units, you can reduce heat transmission by about 30%, and a gas mixture based on krypton will insulate up to about 60% better than ordinary air.

Customize your glazing units as you wish.

Royal Doors independently produces glazing units for its windows, doors, and sliding systems. Thanks to this, every customer can specify in detail what type of glazing they expect, and have the product delivered to them, provided the selected system allows it. This allows for the creation of glazing units that are more effective at dealing with specific types of noise or have an increased level of safety.