Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets are an effective way of protecting yourself from insects. They efficiently stop mosquitoes and all other annoying or even potentially dangerous creatures that could enter your home. Protect your interiors at little cost, without significant interference with the façade or windows, and, with selected solutions, completely non-invasive. Give up chemical insect repellents for a better alternative.

Window mosquito nets

Made of extruded aluminum profiles and fiberglass mesh. They can be integrated with top-mounted roller shutters.

Door mosquito nets

The mosquito net is mounted directly to the door frame. Optionally, it can be reinforced with a filling board, which protects the net against damage caused by animals.

Sliding mosquito nets

The low running rail works perfectly with sliding doors, in which the so-called low threshold was used. Larger frames available.

Anti-smog nets

Anti-smog nets can be installed on a mosquito net instead of ordinary nets. They are made of nanofibers with filtration properties.

Frame mosquito nets for doors and windows

Frame mosquito nets for doors and windows
Regardless of where you want your mosquito net to appear, it will be possible to find the right solution. Eko-Okna can prepare products to fit all the windows and doors offered by the company, including flushed sashes and options with extensive glazing. If you want to install the mosquito net without damaging the joinery, we will find a way in most cases.

Doors open only for you

Door mosquito nets can be fitted to all traditional and sliding doors from any Eko-Okna system. Various types are available, but all are distinguished by their simplicity and ease of use. Classic swing mosquito nets will be an additional door through which the household members can pass, but not the insects. Sliding solutions, on the other hand, will be just as ergonomic as the patio doors, and special magnetic locks ensure they close tightly.

Protection for every home

By using window mosquito nets from Eko-Okna, you have a choice. Finally, you can enjoy fresh air without letting a cloud of mosquitoes and other insects into your home. By choosing comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solutions from the Silesian manufacturer, you can get unobstructed airflow and only slightly restricted access to sunlight while eliminating the risk of insects and arachnids entering your home.

Additional decoration for the home

Modern mosquito nets provide decoration for doors and windows. They are manufactured from high-quality materials that can be painted like many window systems. For example, RAL colours are available for products with aluminium frames. It is also possible to choose the colour of the net. Meticulous preparation of the mosquito net frames results in a durable product that is also a highly aesthetic addition to the style of the house.

Mosquito nets for your home are always chosen for a very specific purpose. It is to protect yourself from the insects that appear in the house in the evening if you leave the door or window open. It is difficult, especially on hot days, not to ventilate the room. It is even harder to accept the inconvenience of invading mosquitoes. Mosquito nets are the optimal answer to this issue since they are relatively easy to use, aesthetically unobtrusive and extremely effective in blocking uninvited guests.

Effective protection against insects

window mosquito nets;
door mosquito nets;
sliding mosquito nets.
Regardless of the size of the window or door frame, Royal Doors allows its customers to choose appropriately adapted mosquito nets. Using mosquito nets in a house or flat provides householders with unobstructed ventilation. They do not need to worry about frequent visits from insects anymore. Open up your windows freely.

Discover the advantages of a frame mosquito net

The main advantage of a mosquito net is, of course, apt protection against insects and bugs. In spring and summer, uninvited guests often visit our houses. In the case of mosquitoes, this results in unpleasant bites. High-quality mosquito nets successfully keep the pest away, allowing residents to ventilate the house with the windows open without consequences.

We can also praise mosquito nets for their ease of installation. This significantly affects its potential repair in case of any damage, which can also be carried out in a very simple and intuitive way.

Prefabricated mosquito nets are also attractive options due to their price. Especially considering the advantages of the long lifespan of a mosquito net in comparison with the cheap solutions available in markets and bazaars, the choice is the right one.

With which windows can window mosquito nets be used?

The window system you have should not be a limitation for a mosquito net. You can install them on:

wooden windows;
PVC windows;
aluminium windows;
steel windows.
Sliding patio doors are also no challenge. Compatible with mosquito nets are:

wooden patio doors;
aluminium patio doors;
PVC patio doors.
The way the window profiles are flushed will not prevent their use either, although it will be necessary to choose the right version of the solution. Suitable mosquito nets can be adapted to windows:

The size of the windows should not be a challenge either. Some mosquito net systems have limitations in this respect, but choosing a product for French-type windows (very high) or for sliding systems with a sash width of several metres is also possible.


Convenient removal for winter

Mosquito nets are not needed all year round. Of course, there is nothing to prevent frame mosquito nets, once fitted, from being used without interruption. In practice, however, many homeowners decide to take them off during the cold weather, when insects pose far less of a threat.

Removing the mosquito net in winter is recommended and should be done if possible. This will protect it from mechanical damage.

Depending on the chosen system, the mosquito net can be entirely disassembled, or only its net can be removed. In some variations, it is not necessary to remove the net, as it can be rolled up into its box. As a rule, even in such situations, the net should stay in a warm place during the winter.

Complete disassembly of a mosquito net is most often possible in systems that are not permanently attached to the window or its surroundings. In large-scale systems requiring guides, only the leaf of the mosquito net is removed, which tends to be very easy, and you can easily do it yourself.


A wealth of aesthetic choices

Modern mosquito nets are an interesting aesthetic addition to any building. Typically, the designs of prefabricated mosquito nets are minimalist, intending to interfere as little as possible with the structure of the building. Nevertheless, the possibilities that such an accessory provides can also be used to good effect.

An important element of every mosquito net is its frame. Its task is not only to ensure that the structure is strong enough. It is also an aesthetic factor. Mosquito net profiles can be similar in appearance to the profiles of window and door systems. It all depends on the chosen mosquito net system.

A large playing field for architects is guaranteed by the availability of very diverse colours of mosquito nets. Most manufacturers only offer a few basic colours for their products. Eko-Okna does not limit its customers by having an extensive colour palette for its window mosquito nets.

There are always some technical limitations, but especially for products made of aluminium, it is standard to be able to choose any colour from the RAL palette. This approach promotes creativity and ensures customer satisfaction, as the RAL palette is a refer