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Gates Accessories


Video Entry Systems

Available video intercoms are recommended for 1 and 2-family houses, as well as the new generation, equipped with a touchscreen and a 5-channel RTS transmitter.

Multifunctional posts

A letterbox with an opening from the property side, as well as a code keypad and a video intercom can be mounted on the multifunctional posts.

Handles and Pull handles

The wide range of handles and pull handles available in the offer, enables a great possibility to find an element that matches the appearance of almost any fence.

Handles and Pull handles

Mailboxes from our offer are made of the highest quality material.


In the offer a set of photocells for gates, which are equipped with a special system that guarantees stopping the gate when the sash comes across an obstacle.

Signal Lights

Signal lamps informing about opening and closing the entrance gate ensure even greater safety for users.

LED lighting

Easy to install, energy-saving and resistant to harsh weather conditions LED lighting. You can choose from lamps in the plugs of the posts or spot lamps mounted to the posts.

Elixo 500 3S

15 opening time up to 3 m (s)
500 drive force (N)
500 lighting (W)

ALFA 414

piston linear piston speed: 16 mm/s

maximum leaf opening angle: 110°

maximum leaf width (with electromagnetic lock): 4 m


leaf speed: 16 m/min

maximum leaf width (rail gate): 8 m

maximum leaf weight cantilever/rolling: 250 kg / 400 kg


leaf speed: 18 m/min

maximum leaf width (rail gate): 15 m

maximum leaf weight: 400 kg

Ixengo 24 V

wicket feature

soft-closing feature

unidirectional or bidirectional radio control – optional