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Side Sliding Garage Doors

Round the Corner Garage Doors – one of the most traditional door designs in the UK

Round the Corner Garage Doors – one of the most traditional door designs in the UK

Forgotten vertical panel layout nowadays looks like new. In fact modern technologies reborn old and good design for new life.


• Insulated

• Space saving                       

• Made to order

• Safe remote operation

• Extra large sizes available

• Wicket door option

• Extra low maintenance

• Excellent performance


Door panels slide vertically suspended from a high performing aluminum top rail. Consequently the guiding rail allow the door to pivot against the garages side wall. Special design guiding rail, trolleys and threshold ensure smooth and reliable operation. Ryterna manufacture round the corner garage doors from own made panels. All panels are filled with Freon-free PU foam. As a result door have the best possible insulation. Also brush seals are all around the door perimeter. Above mentioned features give maximum available protection from the elements.  Standard is the right angle guiding rail corner. In addition we can make guiding rail with custom acute and obtuse angle corners. We also call Round the corner garage doors ‘Side Sliding Door’ for it’s nice and smooth motion.

Round the corner garage door.

Side Sliding Garage Doors designed for elegant look, convenient use and long service life. Ultra modern look. All panel designs including glazed or Georgian. Lots of additional options. No need for wicket door. Compatible with electric operators. Tailor made doors will make your house look like million worth.
Main technical features:

Max opening: 6000 mm wide
Max opening: 3000 mm high

For other sizes ask manufacturer.
Min lintel height 120 mm.

Standard corner 90 degrees. Custom corners available upon request.

Min side-room: 200mm (or 150mm if motor operated) on guiding rail (opening) side and 70mm on closing side.