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R40 Sectional Garage Doors

Sound and
heat insulation

Sectional Garage Doors  leaf made from double- skinned, hot galvanized steel sections with CFC-Free PUR rigid foam core, which provides top sound-proofing and excellent heat insulation, keeping the cold out and the warm in.

Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

Comprised of individual sections connected together by hinges. The door opens vertically into the garage and with no ‘kick out’ as it moves, providing you with up to three feet of increased drive length against Up & Over  Garage Doors.
Sectional doors are also very attractive in design – high quality materials, incorporating the latest innovations in manufacturing technology together with a wide choice of options give your garage an individual look. Add the built-in insulation, which provides both a thermal and acoustic barrier, helping to control your energy bills, reduce noise and possibly your carbon footprint.

R40 garage door model track system comes fully preassembled with tension springs, cables and accessories. The door with R40 type hardware is very easy and fast to fit. Durable and reliable system – fit and forget.
Certified according to EN 13241-1 technical specifications
Safety features according to EN 13241
Doors are tested and meet CE norm 89/107/EC.
Ball bearing rollers, safe track system, reinforced frame with finger protection, anti-pinching panels – outside and inside.
Main technical features:
Max opening W: 3,500 mm wide (for Top Rib, Slick, Slick+, Midrib+, Wood Midrib 3,000 mm)
Max opening H: 2,500 mm
Min required headroom 80 mm
Min required sideroom 80 mm
Spring lifetime ~15,000 cycles
Uvalue 1-1.2 W/m2K
Noise reduction level -25 dB
Available three track types UM, SM and TM 

Attention – on request different track types can be combined on one garage door, eg. TM on left and SM on right.

UM – spring tubes are fitted under the horizontal tracks. The most compact version.
       Standard -110 mm (manual operation), 140 mm (electric operation)
       With top weather seal on lintel – 80 mm (manual operation), 120 mm (electric operation)
       With top weather seal on lintel and LHR brackets – 70 mm (manual operation), 110 mm (electric operation)
N.B. the bottom of spring tubes are at H-162 mm above floor level. It is important if there are doors or windows on garage side walls.
SM – spring tubes are fitted on external side of horizontal tracks.
       Standard – 110 mm (manual operation), 140 mm (electric operation)
       With top weather seal on lintel – 80 mm (manual operation), 120 mm (electric operation)
       With top weather seal on lintel and LHR brackets – 70 mm (manual operation), 110 mm (electric operation)
N.B. Min required sideroom 75 mm for fitting on wall and 150 mm for spring tube at 300 mm behind the door reveal (see drawing below).
TM – spring tubes are fitted above horizontal tracks.
Min required headroom 180 mm for manual and electric operation.
 Fitting Depth (D):
For standard panels
(external tin 0.5 mm thick)
For slick panels
(external tin 0.7mm thick)
Height H (mm) D (mm)
2091 – 2270
2271 – 2500
  Height H (mm)
  D (mm)
  ≤2125 2930
 2126 – 2250  3055
 2251 – 2500  3310