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Gaskets system
Layers of glued wood

Wooden Window Naturo 68


The standard option of double glazed unit 4/16/4ONE with the parameter Ug=1,0 is used in the window system Naturo 68. Optionally, it is possible to include a triple glazed unit 34mm in the system Naturo 68 PLUS. The best thermal parameters have been achieved due to the thermal frame and the two-seal system. The window profile is made from carefully selected wood. Three layers of wood are glued with alternately arranged growth rings and by using this method we have achieved the highest durability of the material. It is possible to equip a window with a RenoLine aluminium cladding in the model Naturo 68 ALU.

  • Depth of the entire window frame built in the wall:  68mm
  • A double glazed unit: 24mm
  • A two-gaskets system
  • 3-layered plywood
  • A profile made of selected wood with alternately arranged growth rings
  • 4 layers of paint coating
  • A 34 mm thick glazing – Naturo 68 Plus (optional)
  • A RenoLine aluminium cladding – Naturo 76 ALU (optional)