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Gaskets system
Layers of glued wood

Wooden Window Nature 76


Nature 76 window system is produced with the use of a 36 mm triple glazed unit 4/12/4/12/4 providing the transmittance parameters of Ug=0,7. The PLUS version with the 40 mm thick triple glazed unit is also available. The system of 2 seals and a warm edge have been used to improve the thermal insulation of the system. Moreover, we use the best quality wood types to produce our windows and 4 layers of plywood with alternately laid growth rings in order to obtain a dense and durable structure. It is also possible to add a RenoLine aluminium cladding to the model Naturo 76 ALU system.

  • Depth of the entire window frame built in the wall: 76mm
  • A 2-gaskets system
  • A profile made of selected wood with alternately arranged growth rings
  • 4-layered plywood
  • 4 layers of paint coating
  • A 40 mm thick glazing – Naturo 76 PLUS (optional)
  • A RenoLine aluminium cladding – Naturo 76 ALU (optional)