Gaskets system
Chamber structure

Aluplast Monoblock


  • “B” class profile,
  • the profile depth: 70-162 mm,
  • 5-chamber structure of a sash,
  • the system of 2 gaskets,
  • in our standard version: a blockage against handle misplacement (turn-tilt windows),
  • in our standard version: fittings with two anti-burglary pins per sash,
  • optional glazing units wide up to 42 mm,
  • standard glazing package 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*,
  • possible use of concealed fittings,
  • a possible use of a central handle,
  • a possible use of a gaping brake controlled with a handle,
  • a possibility of joining a frame with various types of window sashes (Classic-line or Round-line).

*standard of the day 16.04.2019. Requires technological confirmation.

Usually buildings are insulated from the exterior side. However, investors sometimes have other expectations. It happens that buildings are insulated from the interior. This is a practical solution, but a problem may occur while replacing the joinery. Typical window systems work perfectly in these conditions. Monoblock frames were created specially for this system of building insulation.

A great possibility to choose a frame width (102, 122, 142 or 162 mm) enables to match them appropriately according to the insulation thickness. A special shelf on the outer side of the frame masks the insulation in an aesthetic way around the entire window at the same time eliminating possibilities of occuring thermal bridges. While the frame internal rabbet ensures aesthetic installation from the interior side of a room without any necessary gypsum treatment.

Apart from functionality there is also another feature of windows built on the basis of the Monoblock system – safety. Even in our standard versions the windows are equipped with two anti-burglary pins per sash, pins impeding burglary with a compression adjustment, a blockage of handle misplacement and an inner central compression lock. However, the final choice of the fittings depends on individual needs and requirements of a customer. Furthermore, we offer fittings of WK1 or WK2 class. In order to obtain a window with the highest safety parameters, we also recommend to add anti-burglary or tempered glass as well as Hoppe Secustik handles with a key.

To obtain proper ventilation in rooms, all our turn-tilt windows are fitted with a micro ventilation in the corner. After turning a handle by 45 degrees, a sash will move away from the frame by a few millimeters which enables the so-called “slot air ventilation“.

Monoblock windows, due to their width, are characterised by good properties of thermal insulation. In our standard versions windows are available with a double-glazed unit. In order to reduce a window thermal transmittance coefficient Uw, it is advised to apply a triple-glazed unit. Additionally, we also recommend warm edge spacers included in our offer. They are made of composite insulation material that improves glass insulation and reduces the risk of occuring temporary water vapour condensation.

It is also possible to install a brake in the handlehandles with a keyinsect screens and many other accessories. To investors, who would like their windows to gain a little more elegant look, we recommend to go for muntins. In fact, muntins serve mainly a decorative function and in our offer you will find, for instance, internal and stick-on muntins. Depending on a chosen type of muntins, they are placed between the glass panes or sticked on the pane surface.