Two glass panes connected by a spacer – one of them is covered with a low-emission coating
  An aluminum spacer is the basic element of the combination
  The inter-pane space is normally filled with 90% argon and 10% air

  It is possible to obtain a heat transfer coefficient up to Ug = 1,0 W/m²K

  It is possible to create packages with different widths of components in the combination
  It is possible to use warm Swisspacer Ultimate spacers, which reduce the heat transfer coefficient through the entire window

A single-chamber double glazing unit composed of two glass panes. It is a standard for basic window and door systems.
The basic unit is characterized by a thickness of 24 mm, in which the components have a thickness of: 4 mm (glass) – 16 mm (spacer) – 4 mm (glass), forming the so-called 4/16/4 unit.
In the space between the panes, created by the spacer, there is mainly argon (90%), which additionally reduces the Ug heat transfer coefficient.