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Aluminium Window - Decalu 110 Steel


What makes the joinery unique and gives it an individual look is undoubtedly its colour. Thanks to the colour you can perfectly match colour of elevation to the colour of the interior. The more so because the windows can be varnished to a uniform colour, but also in the bicolour formula, which means that the window can have different colour from the outside and inside.

All aluminium systems from our offer are available in two colour palettes – RAL and DECORAL. We also offer adonised joinery.


Basic colour palette. Profiles can take one of 213 smooth colours or colours with sanded and metallic structure.


Wood-like colour palette. Aluminium joinery from our offer can take any following colours:

  • Oak (D1P1),
  • Oak (D1P2),
  • Oak (D1P7),
  • Cherry (C1P7),
  • Cherry (C1P1),
  • Pine (S1P1),
  • Walnut (O1P0),
  • Mahogany (M1P8).


Aluminium subjected to the process of adonising not only gains excellent properties (corrosion resistance, higher hardness), but also allow to obtain unique colours.

Our range of colours obtained during the process of adonising has following colours:

  • blasted silver,
  • blasted gold,
  • blasted inox,
  • blasted champagne,
  • blasted olive,
  • blasted brown,
  • blasted black,
  • brushed anode inox,
  • brushed strong anode inox.
  • system “steel look”,
  • the system with a thermal break,
  • building depth 110 mm,
  • two gaskets,
  • gaskets integrated with the profile,
  • folding of frame and sash 83 mm,
  • Uw = 0.9 W/m2K (two-chamber package),
  • Uf from 0.81 W/m2K,
  • maximum glazing package 71 mm,
  • standard glazing package 4th/16/4/16/4th*,
  • possibility to create a window with a moveable post,
  • moveable most with a width of 111.5 mm,
  • waterproof – 2400 Pa,
  • bottom frame dehydration,
  • patented protection of dehydration groove,
  • invisible gasket line,
  • system parameters confirmed by the Building Research Institute certificate.

*Standard of the day 17.07.2019. Requires technological confirmation.