Benefits of importing windows from Poland

What benefits can you get when buying windows from Poland?
  • You are buying good quality joinery 30% cheaper. …
  • You are getting your order in time similar to this in your country’s market. …
  • Polish producers have solutions for every market. …
  • Your transactions are 100% safe.

Polish windows and doors beat records of popularity and have been considered a good and reputable brand eagerly chosen by people all over Europe. Poland not only is proud of its windows but has also developed export of other product-related areas such as doors, garage doors, roller shutters, external blinds, mosquito screens, and property fences.

Poland is one of the biggest windows and doors exporters in Europe
For many years the export dynamics of Polish windows and doors have had an upward trend and even the raging Covid-19 pandemic has not changed it. In 2020, Poland was the only distributor of joinery with registered growth. Polish manufacturers sold more than 12.5 million windows and doors to foreign markets, and the export value of windows and doors amounted to €2.38 billion, almost 4.5 percent higher than in 2019 (Chief Statistical Office figures). Analysts estimate that Polish windows and doors export in 2021 is also expected to increase.

Polish windows and doors are mostly sold to Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic, but it also reaches further beyond the borders of the European Union. Polish windows can be found in North Africa, North America, and Middle Eastern countries.

The best windows in Europe
How is it possible that Polish windows are premium-class products at a competitive price? To answer this question, there are several factors to consider:

The production of Polish windows is located on the territory of one country, where the raw materials of local producers are used. Only some components for window production are imported from Germany or Great Britain. Deliveries of these components are always on time and do not stretch production times.
Poland has modern machinery and high technological facilities, which has a decisive influence on the quality of products and optimisation of the production process.
Polish employees are highly qualified and constantly improve their competences, while labour costs in Poland are still slightly lower than in Western Europe, which increases Poland’s competitiveness on the international market.
The offer of Polish manufacturers is adapted to the needs of the European market, hence you can easily order windows with profiles from Aluplast, Salamander, Aliplast or Sash, Casement, or Monoblock.

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