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Arched Garage Doors

Arched Garage Doors

Facts About Arched Garage Doors

Overhead-acting, sectional garage doors must have square tops to accommodate track hardware. These arch top garage doors are actually simulated arches. This means that the door (with an arched design feature) has a square top that is hidden behind an arched opening.

True swing garage doors can have simulated arched designs in a square top or they can be a true-arch top door with a curved top and jamb. A true arch top door cannot be used in an overhead opening door track mechanism.

Arched Garage Door Measurements

Arched Garage Door Measurements
Arched Garage Door Measurements

There are three measurements you need to take when you’re measuring a garage door with an arch top. From those three measurements, you will specify the door size and calculate the drop of the arch.

The measurements are:

  • Door Width (A)
  • Door Height (B)
  • Spring Line Height (C)

Door size is represented by multiplying the Door Width and Door Height.

To calculate the Drop, subtract the Spring Line from the Door Height

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