uPVC Windows.

Air inlet SM HY

A modern, hygroscopic air inlet intended for installation in uPVC, wooden and aluminium windows. It has a switch that allows you to manually close the vent at any time convenient for the user. Apart from gravity ventilation, SM HY is also perfect for mechanical ventilation systems based on humidity sensors in the fan and an exhaust grille. Three operating modes: automatic, open and closed. Monoblock removable housing for easy painting and maintenance. Horizontal direction of the blown air. The possibility of using a flat mesh instead of an air intake (assembly with an external roller shutter). It has the National Technical Assessment ITB-KOT-2022/2159, edition 1. Hygrostered SM HY Air inlets are mounted to the woodwork with screws. From the outside, the SM Tip Vent is mounted. If the Air inlet is installed in a window with an external roller shutter, a GPE2A flat mesh should be used instead of the air intake.

Available colours

Anthracite, White, Brown, Grey, Gold


Flow in open position 10 Pa = 30 m 3 /h


Acoustic attenuation: = 32 dB


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