Inlets for use in uPVC windows

Preso AMO air inlet

Self-regulating with the possibility of stopping down + standard aereco hood. The AMO window Air inlet is the most popular pressure Air inlet. It is designed for installation in plastic (PVC), wooden and aluminium windows. The AMO air inlet is available in four colours adapted to the most popular window colours: white, oak, chestnut and anthracite.

Pressure air inlet AMO - the principle of operation: when the Air inlet aperture is set to the open position, the amount of air supplied depends on the pressure difference inside and outside the room. As the pressure difference increases, the air inflow increases. The airflow reaches 30 ³/h with a negative pressure of 10 Pa. When the maximum value is exceeded, the flaps inside the Air inlet bend, limiting the amount of supplied air. However, after setting the diaphragm in the closed position, the Air inlet supplies the minimum amount of air.

Outside air flowing through the Air inlet is directed upwards over the occupied zone, which prevents drafts and the feeling of discomfort for users.


Acoustic attenuation: Dn, e, w = 32 dB

Available colours



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