Inlets for use in uPVC windows

Aereco EMM

As standard, EMM Air inlets are equipped with a manual flow lock. It can work in two positions, depending on the screwing of the stand. The air stream is directed vertically or diagonally. The setting depends on the distance of the Air inlet to the reveal (too small a distance dampens the free flow of air through the Air inlet). Closed Air inlets enable the supply of a minimum air stream. It is recommended to use this option only in unfavourable climatic conditions. The EMM air inlet is controlled automatically, but the user can close the device. By setting the lever in the open position' the damper changes depending on the water vapour content (relative humidity) inside the room. The airflow ranges from 6-7 to 27-33 m³ / h. The lever is set to the closed position, locks the damper, the device is set to the minimum flow position, and the Air inlet delivers up to 6-7 m³ / h. It is recommended to use this option only in unfavourable climatic conditions.


✓ Hygrothermal: the flow change depends on the relative humidity inside the rooms
✓ Directing the air stream: depending on the setting, the stream is vertical or diagonal
✓ Simple maintenance: the flow is not regulated by the user. Periodically clean the air inlet housing
✓ Together with an acoustic hood, it provides acoustic insulation at the level of 38 dB.
✓ Available interior and exterior colours: white, bronze, gold, anthracite, grey / silver.


Acoustic attenuation: Dn, e, w = 32 dB

Available colours



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